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Once upon a time

Most stories remain untold, held close like secrets.
They're kept inside and (as if on repeat)  played over and over again;  till they become epic and all consuming.
 Mindnumbingly so.
Say the words, without hesitation, it's quite simple:  "Once upon a time..."

And release them into the world.
Once upon a time in the heart of the holidays, surrounded by a crowd of people being jolly, Maggie Andrews realized she was slowly losing her mind.
It wasn't anything specific that brought on this realization, more an acknowledgement of something she had known for a while now:

Without him, life had turned sour,
 and everything  tasted of bitterness & bile.
She could recall the exact moment she decided to let him go with pure clarity: Jingle Bells was blaring over the car radio as she made her way home for the last time.
"Jingle bells, hurts like hell
Misery all the way..."
It was a conscious choice, but it was bloody hard.
Losing love sucks!