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Monday, Funday.

Monday dawns with a quiet ease.
I wake up to the sight of the moon, firm and round.
I appreciate it in silence, not ready for him to know I'm awake.
Making the pleasure all the more enjoyable.

It seems the 1st week of Spring has cast a spell on me.

He wanders out of view and I hear bathroom noises.
It's time for me to make a move.
I stretch, lazy like a cat, wanting to remain here (in this spot) still warm from sleeping bodies.
I am entangled in an endless battle with linen.
I fling the offending cotton off heated, sticky skin; hot flashes spreading like veldfire.

The spray of the shower seizes.
Grinning I burrow back in under the covers pretending to sleep.
Gonna stay here and wait for the moon to reappear, wait for my first coffee, and enjoy the intimacy of the early morning when Blouberg is still asleep, and it is just us.

The world is calling: news from exotic places: desert drives, old towns, local foods & picnics with newfound adventures playing out in desert places with well-loved faces familiar to me:)
Everything fits, nicely falling into place.
I am super-glue, sticky with a tight grip.
Destiny, obvious and determined. Nice!
Thanks, Destiny!

The smell of coffee dark and thick wafts to find me still hiding out, laziness permeating the length of me.
I budge spying my giant mug on the sidetable - he is so stealthy!  And I am so easily lost in reverie, menopause making my mind mush.
Just 1 more minute.
I roll onto his spot, it fits me like a glove...
Ah Destiny, you're a sly one!
Sitting upright, 3 pillows high, I hug the cup like a long lost friend.

What happened to frantic & frenzied; manic & mayhem on a Monday?
Life's giving me a gap, and Iam grabbing it!
Shukran, Life.
The front door hushes shut and I lunge to the window to wave goodbye & blow kisses.
When did I become cheesy?
Life's calling a timeout, and I'm seizing it!
Thanks, Life.

The drone of the washing machine makes me mellow. I dawdle through the apartment straightening rugs with my left foot; balancing loaded laundry basket on my left hip.
2 loads today.
Monday is laundry day.
My mom's unwritten household rules practised religiously!
Monday's also leftovers day. 
Mom's wisdom still valid decades later.
I play house, mom perfected it!
I open the fridge door with my right hand and do a quick check of tupperware bakkies and AMC pots. I lean into the cold, welcoming it's grip on my overheated body.
Dinner sorted!
Shukran, Mommy!
Shukran, Shah!

So much to be grateful for!

I peer over red shingles searching for the ocean. A lone ship bobs on quiet seas heading towards Cape Town. I see a painter balancing precariously on the red roof wearing a red cap, painting gentle strokes, dab-dabbing.
Wispy white clouds streak across baby-blue skies. White washing's already flapping on a warm, gentle breeze. Wooden pegs standing upright in straight columns like soldiers.
My OCD on display for the world to see, and I don't care.
Menopause does that.
Aging does that.
It affords you the gift of not-caring about the BS that weighs you down when you're younger.

50 and I love the new slightly grumpy, crazy, old me!
Yes, I'm the lady that you see walking by everyday with a smile, and a "hello", even though I don't know you!
Yes, I get excited for everything and can be inappropriately loud at times.
And yes, chances are you might bumped into me in something resembling my pj's, sans make up, with crazy headgear slightly skew.

And  yeah, I am that person you will always know, because I'll make it my business to keep you close. My heart making a mockery of time & distance.

I dedicate this blog post to my people, you know who you are and what you mean to me.

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