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Furrows deep and pronounced line my brow. I contemplate them,  willing them away, stroking them gently, each stroke meant to iron them out. I am their canvas, they are my storylines.

I seize my ironing, and listen to their tales.
I feel the cold to my bones!

Not the usual Cape Town cold I grew up with in the Southern Suburbs, but an iciness matching any day spent in Tewkesbury more than a decade ago in the UK.  The kind of cold that requires down feather jackets and knee-high fake fur boots.  The kind of cold that leaves sleet on windshields, and soup pots full.
Central heating!Pah! Our homes in Cape Town are ill-equipped for this kinda torture!
I hug my hot water bottle to me like a long lost lover, it's squishy, and pot-bellied and jiggles when I squeeze it. Raising the white mug to my lips, I slurp the almost scalding coffee quickly. My fifth cuppa and it's only 10:42am. Two bars glow bright orange at me. Mikey hogs the heater, and Georgie sits on top of the TV cabinet like a …

Tales of a Fairy

Every road she takes leads her to a place far, far from where we were born.

Destiny has a hand in this.
The signs are all there:
Like her Nana, she is a wanderer with a heart too big for a small world!

So she embarks on her journies to places very different from our own, where people speak in a foreign tongues and the heat is intense, and deserts are the colour of sunshine.
She ventures forth, on her own, a young woman taking a course less traveled with a brave heart and an iron will.
Taking her out of the bosom of her loving home.
Taking her off on a tangent so like my own.
A road that will lead to a new chapter.

It was meant to be.

She is our princess, the heart of our band of woman, sisters, nieces, girlfriends; she is the glue that binds us, the thread of gold that runs through our family tapestry.

Our wish for her is always Happiness.
To know the pleasure of True Love.
She deserves Love of the best kind:
The kind of Love that is gentle, but passionate.
Love that crosses oceans a…