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The blush of sunrise greeted the Mother City, the heat thick and stifling even in the early hours.
Sublime Summer down south.
Sublime Sunday for seeking out sun, sea and surf.

I mounted the motorbike swinging my legs carefully over the padded black, straddling the beast as it came to life with the flick of his hand. I grabbed on, fingers interlocking as we moved forward over speed bumps, gripping tar and curves as we headed out to the False Bay coast.
"A quick run," we said.
"A swim and back," we said.
The morning was still young, the year new and the motorway heading out of town was deserted. I closed my eyes, allowing my body to move with his, feeling the wind brush over warm skin, riding the road like a wave.
Eyes closed; holding on - I lived the ride, swaying with each bend and turn...
Hospital Bend passed by like a heartbeat and the M3 stretched out tantalisingly ahead  of us all the way to the blue.

Words disturbing peacefulness. 
"We going down!" he sai…