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He whispered her name, more breath than sound, afraid the universe would hear him and mock his pain.
Eddie trudged through his apartment roughly grabbing his gear; throwing it onto the brown leather couch which still held imprints of her, of them, from days gone by when things were good; when loving was on couches & on countertops; on balconies & in backyards...

He kicked the offending couch which refused to give up on her, her imprint etched deep, her scent clinging to coarse fabric. Gold tendrils remained woven in blankets and rugs; hiding out in every nook and cranny of the apartment.
He threw his backpack onto the heap causing a ruckus as spray cans crashed together with a ping and a plastic cap of bright yellow rolled under the TV trolley.
"Bugger!" he cursed falling to his knees trying to reach under the unit to find the runaway cap. His hand came up empty; covered in dust and dirt.
Lola loved to clean.
And Lola left.

He wiped his hands on …