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Ever was slowly becoming one of the nightfolk, her compulsion driving her out of the safety of the Comfort Zone.
The wind played with her thick black coat.
It billowed out behind her caught up in the gust intent on causing havoc in the sleeping city.

Ever dashed down dark alleyways, her Doc Martins plowing through the muck left behind by day dwellers with little regard for the place in which they did their business from 8-to-7 every day for 360 days of a year. Sundays seized being sacred in an era where money became Divine.

The city clean-up usually commenced in the small hours of the morning; Ever reckoned the schedule worked as the council workers could do their jobs unhindered when the Market Zone was cleared of crowds. She had the quiet streets to herself for at least two more hours before she needed to head back home to surburbia.
"Let's meet at midnight," he suggested in his communicade, replying to her request for a meeting in a flash.
The dark  hour, it seemed, w…