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The maternity ward was awash with light. 
Nurses in white uniforms glided along passageways ringing with the sound of delight and the pleasant cries of newborn babies carried by pure voices untouched by words. 
Sara didn't belong there.
"I don't belong here!" she said sharply to the sister on duty.
"Mommy, you're in the right place," said the nurse, holding a hand out to her huge belly, "you look like you're about to pop!"
She was a happy woman working in a happy place filled with an air of promise.
Dan, sensing her anguish, stepped forward to explain.
"Dr Winston's secretary told us my wife was to be booked into the general ward," he said firmly, "can you check with them and clear this up, we'll be in the waiting room."
"No, silly" she laughed, clapping her hands together joyfully, " you're in the right place! I can see it's your first one," she insisted, sure of herself.
Losing her temper, S…

32 Wicker Lane

Joe spied Aunty Miriam out of the corner of his eye,  the vibracrete wall offering him little protection. It should have been higher according to his dad, but his mom was neighbourly; and a little paranoid about security.
With his hoodie pulled down low, he was skulking about grabbing a quick cigarette before the dreaded family hour round the dinner table. For now, he was hiding from his mom and her disapproving stares.
He gave her a quick wave."No bags this time, aunty Mirrie?" he asked.
The woman was forever lugging bags: carrier bags, handbags, school bags, gym bags... Always on the go; she never seemed to rest. She had the strength of Samson! He'd seen her handling 6 Spar bags at one time. That and juggling her handbag, her phone; and her sunglasses on top of her head!
He was sure she'd have muscles like a man, but the tannie appeared formless under layers and layers of dark clothing. For a second he felt sorry for her and wondered if she wasn't getting hot …


She stirred from a deep sleep, on edge, instantly alert in the heart of the darkest part of night. She felt a chill despite the heavy heat clinging to her naked body. She was covered in sweat and dirty secrets.
Spreading her limbs out wide, she patted down blood red linen in search of her pj's.
"When did I take it off?" she frowned, puzzled, not remembering.
Running her hands over familiar places, she trailed fingers slowly down trying to remember why she'd shed her flimsy slip.
Her dream niggled at her, it was a piece of a very blurry puzzle.  She struggled to remember what, who, where...

As if in a trance, she trailed her index finger from behind her left ear, along her jawline, to parted lips, plump and moist.
She found collar bone: defined and hard; and her sweet spot in the centre, hers now to dabble with.
"This is my beginning...and it will be my end" he'd say, loving her and hating her in the same breath. A voice from the past with a choke hold o…