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A day at the beach

9am and I was ready to hit the surf.
Flip flops hit rocks; discarded like a pair of old sneakers.
Bare feet thrilled at the hard, warm cragginess.
Happy toes seeking crevices found warm salty water left behind when waves ebbed back
In one smooth motion I sank to my bottom, plonking down sunglasses and tearing off offending clothes.
I cast a lazy eye over fellow sun worshippers; they had that same look of  contentment, drugged by the sun and the smell of the sea.

"Hi," nodded my neighbour, sharing the rock next door, I nodded back.
He greedily nuzzled at the head of the Heineken, placing the bottle down between his legs. It brushed against the tattoo of a snake coiling up his calf, drops clinging to green ink.
The familiar crinkle of the cigarette pack as he removed it from his ruck sack, grabbed my attention.  I placed two fingers to my lips, sucking deeply out of habit. With a flick of his wrist the cigarettes was lit and smoke drifted to me in waves, awakening my senses.