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Eve devoured the apple; inelegantly chomping her way through stems, pips and core, juice dripping at the corners of her mouth.
She winced as the sour notes of the Granny Smith hit her, wriggling her nose, closing her eyes.
Hunger abated, she stood in the middle of the unfurnished apartment in the City looking at the shambles spread before her wondering how she got there. It was so far removed from the middle class suburban home she shared with Judas for more than 5 years.
She felt like a stranger amidst the frenzy; finding the buzz of the city too much.
"What was I thinking?"
Her bare feet felt good against the old hardwood floorboards. She wrinkled her toes into tiny grooves and it resurfaced covered in dust.
Mr Gabriel, her agent, had been very persuasive: "It's going to take lots of time and elbow grease to knock the old dame into shape," he said showing her around the apartment.
"Luckily you signed for the full 6 months," he smiled.