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Jack raced through the deserted streets of Cape Town as if the devil was closing in on!
His hands gripped the steering wheel; his knuckles showing white. Hitting the boulevard worried signs flashed warnings at him, but  he sped on hugging the white line as if it was a long lost lover. Hospital Bend held him in a grip, but he refused to gear down, he felt in control behind the wheel of her A5.

Nearly Midnight and the heat felt thick clinging to him, making him boil, plastering his white T-shirt to his sunburnt skin.
"Jeez," he muttered, "it's an inferno in here."
He set the aircon on high, aimed it straight for his face. He caught his hair doing a dance in the mirror and he gave a throaty laugh.
She loved running her hands through his thick black hair, stroking it gently...Till the yanking started, till she became rough and demanding; moving his head down, locking him in, her grip vice-like, her eyes smouldering, her growl primal and fierce.