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Raindrops huge and insistent assaulted the dark glass behind him. He stared in his rear view mirror and it looked like the dark was stalking him. He braced himself, shrugged his jacket closer hoping the camouflage might shield him against the enveloping danger. The howling wind cried a tearful lament; warning him to turn around, to veer off the unlit winding road where the only thing standing between him and the edge, were tiny concrete pillars and the warning bells ringing in his head.

"Fuck!" he thought, as a loose stone shot off his wheel and hit his windscreen, "fuck!" He drove on knowing he had trespassed against all reason when he got in the car in the midst of a storm from hell, turned the ignition (which had the sense not to start on the first try) and headed towards Signal Hill.
Why on earth had she suggested they meet there? The area was renowned for pickpockets and dodgy corners where people got up to all kinds of unsavoury business.
He was angry at hi…

Old love

Susan woke, her body wracked by pain, spasms coursing down limbs, aches settling on taunt muscles.
Stupid cholestrol meds!
She was angry at her body for betraying her. She stretched long, her feet  hanging off the edge of the bed, her fingertips hitting cold wood.
Brrr, she shivered, the cold was relentless.
She drew her body back in and nuzzled into him to steal his warmth. She heard his breath, deep and even from where his chin rested on the top of her head; felt his heartbeat  from her favourite spot, her cheek stuck to his chest.
He had a way of smoothing down her hair with strong, rough hands.
"It tickles," he'd say when he drew her in even closer. She was the barnacle, he the whale.

Wrapped together, bodies warm with sleep, she almost forgot the pain.
He stirred, kissed the top of her head: "We've been waking up like this for what? 27 years now?" he teased, and she tilted her head back to find him smiling.
She cupped her hands around his hard ass, dragged nai…