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Playing on my mind (thoughts of you) on springs, at dawn, on me, in love.
The light of early morning filters through heavy winter curtains revealing parts of your beautiful face. I snuggle and stretch catching a glimpse of the light as it plays on your lips. I move higher, straining my body warm from sleep, letting the cold in: I want to see your eyes!
I read our story there, a new chapter has begun in our continuing saga, so I relax and smile knowingly, welcoming the new dawn..

I'm late getting to the office! Drove like a car thief to steal time,and I'm still lagging behind. Drat it's gonna be a long day!
Note to self:
 "Avoid lengthy morning showers."
"Slick roads make for dodgy turns."
"Crazy suburban drivers are scarier in wet weather."
"Never take on a taxi!"

It is pouring out; the torrent turns  tar to water. I dash through the parking lot, glad I'm wearing my hair in a ponytail and my long black leather boots that makes me look like a traffic cop.  I curse as my skinny jeans clings to my bottom: "should've worn my raincoat!"

I say a quick "good morning" and make a beeline for my desk: logging on, busy as a bee as windows pop open and emails rush in.
Telltale signs show on my face, in secret smiles on playful pouty lips, in eyes narrowed and naughty.
Telltale signs can be heard in my voice, in soft sighs and gentle whispers; deep breaths mimicking pleasure.
I tackle the business that demands attention, fingers swift over keyboard and keypads, conversations brief and to the point; no time for small talk today.
I glide around the office as if on a cloud, winding in and out.
Here, but not here; getting things done on auto-pilot.

9am and the team is on the move. I'm holding the fort
Silence descends on my corner of the office like a gift from heaven. It settles around me like a cloak, shielding me from disruptions and deadlines. The aircon hums and the machines are willed silent. I love my job! The smell of coffee comes to me giving me cravings. I head to the canteen.
No, black! Strong, bitter and hot.
The rain catches my attention making music and pretty pictures on window panes. I put the cup down, head to the window tracing rivulets with my finger... down, all the way down.
I close my eyes.
"Down," you said tracing fingers along familiar curves.
"All the way down," I said.

I head back holding the hot mug with both hands, cupping it firmly; taking the dark bitter liquid to sweet lips, swollen & marked by rough love.

11am and he still lingers on my mind. I lift the receiver, holding it close.
"Hi," I say, "you busy?"
"Yes," he says, "What time? 1:00, 1:30?"
""1:00," I say, "don't think I can wait that long."
He laughs, we're on the same page.
"Honey, it's gonna be a long day!"
"Yeah," he promised, "but an even longer night."
And I know from experience, he always keeps his promises.

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