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The Private Room

   Patricia walked into the room like she owned the joint, her paisley silk scarf  tied in a knot, swaying  her hips like Shakira, her long legs muscular, toned and tanned against the navy blue silk mini skirt. She wore red heels, patent leather with 6 inch heels, it made her legs look like it vanished into eternity. She smiled a knowing smile, her gaze held steady, fixed on the door in the back. She didn't see the waiter dodging out of her way, his tray laden with pretty drinks in tall glasses. She didn't  flinch when the pretty young waitress with big boobs on display in a tight white baby-T, bumped into her.
She kept her stride, balancing on her skyscraper heels like a pro.

She stopped short of the door, took a step sideways and glanced at herself in the gilded mirror. Her hair looked good, golden curls hanging softly against her blue shirt, her buttons straining; threatening to pop, her shirt too tight across her chest, revealing red lace. He had bought it for her. He only ever bought her lingerie, always reds or black. She was flattered at first. She remembered the delicious La Senza packaging, the white tissue paper, the perfumed beads... she pulled these out roughly, discarding it all over the hotel room floor in her urgency to get to the contents inside.
She ran her fingers over black silk and barely there lace. She glanced up at him from under heavy lids. He was sitting at the foot of the bed, his eyes intent on her face, studying her expression to see if she was pleased. She acted thrilled; she wanted to please him.
So she did what she thought he'd want her to do, she became what he needed her to be.

The negligee was destroyed in passion's grip, it laid in ruins, discarded in the trash alongside tissue paper and cherry stems.
Oh, he did love cherries! Ripe one's.

Lingerie. That was all she ever got from him.
Objects of desire.
An object of desire.
An object nonetheless.

"Why did I stay with him for so long?" she wondered out loud, her eyes seeking answers of her reflection? A wave of hurt clouded her indigo eyes. And she looked away ashamed of the  truth:
She did it for love.

"Me minus you," she said playfully one night across the table from him in the private room behind the black door hidden in the back.
"Me first!" she gigged, pretending that she didn't mean every word:
"Me minus you...
"Like Pizza without cheese,
or the sea without a breeze;
Like running without sneakers,
or a cricket match without streakers..."
"Ha ha!" he interjected, "cute!"
"My words," he said, setting her straight:
"Like sex without toys
or girls without boys,
like no panties under a miniskirt
or Patricia without her sex flirt!"

His words stabbed her to her core.
Numb, she flipped the switch:
She became vixen, vanquished, venomous.
She walked slowly to the door, turned the lock, switched on the lights, turned back and walked towards him losing clothes and morals with each step she took.

The sound of a glass shattering jolted her out of her reverie.She noticed the red before her gaze settled on his face flinched in pain. The doctor in her on automatic. She rushed to the waiter's side, saw a gaping wound and he look like he was about to pass out.
"Big baby," she thought to herself.
"Bring me your first aid kit," she told the waitress in the baby-T.
"Sharp sharp!" she commanded, to get the girl moving.
"We'll have you good as new in no time," she said, removing her scarf from her neck and resting his hand on her lap.
"You'll have to come see me later for a tetanus shot, Ok?"
He looked up at her, forever in his eyes. And she saw him for the first time.
"Are you going to save me?" he asked incoherently.
"She looks even better from up close," Steve thought, before he passed out.
He dreamt of her, as he did every night since she first came into the hotel bar 2 years ago and made a beeline for the private room.

Patricia handed her business card to the waitress after they carried him to the sick bay, his hand freshly bandaged. He was still clutching her scarf and mumbling softly. She leaned down and whispered in his ear: "I think you just saved me."

She turned on her heels and walked back to her rooms, forgetting about the person in the private room.

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