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The love of food

A mother of a storm was giving the Mother City a beating. Winter raged outside suburban homes bending trees furiously as if on steroids; lifting shingles off roofs, cracking branches and leaving dogs to howl and hide out in fear. Letterboxes swayed precariously in the dark of midnight, unsteady like a drunk heading out of a bar after a heavy night's drinking. Windows were shut tight, the wind making it rattle in it's frames and the rain splattered on glass; racing rivulets changing to streams as the torrent continued unabated for the third day in a row. The sound of thunder roared in the distance, droning like it was coming from the room next door: Boom! Rumble!

Jenny shivered.
She was terrified of storms.
She had walked home through an equally bad storm when she was 9, got disorientated and lost, and wound up spending an eternity in a deserted Wendy House at the back of a bottle store. She'd taken a wrong turn and landed up in the "bad" part of town her mother h…

Mind games

I find the Silence unsettling.
It feels strange; almost like a once favourite jersey that has shrunk in the wash and now doesn't quite fit.

Got used to the D: Disturbance! Drama! Demons! Discord!
And in this D-state:
Operating on automaticDoing in thoughtless burstsActing on impulseFeigning interestHalf-listening, half-hearingEmpty emotions Peace & Quiet: I'm not used to this.
It's unexpected coming on a Monday in the heart of Winter. I don't like Winter, it grates me, the absence of light; the lack of warmth. It leaves me cold, chilled to the bone, iciness settles on my heart and leaves me frigid.  I miss the sun, basking in her glow. This D I love, the "sunshine"vitamin, it feeds every nerve ending, every sense; every feeling is heightened and I am super-alive.

A melancholic tune drifts down quiet passages; a song playing quietly in the background, it's almost softer than a whisper. I have to cock my head to hear it, to draw it in. I find the soft me…


Twisted and turned; my Body willed by my Mind to ache & arch, pop & pulse, at the insistence of my Desire.
I am woman; I am Body and I'm Mind: breast & booty, lips & legs, all in the service of my Soul.
My eyes are dark and clouded when lustful, they draw you in and you can get lost in the story of their desire. But at other times, they tell stories more epic, grander and richer...
Tales spilling over with the chapters of my life.

The flicker of desire will seep from lustful eyes, the cloudiness will lift, and left behind will be all of me.
Choose this, choose love, for lust fades in the presence of it's beauty.

My touch is warm and deliberate when passion flares, it draws you in and envelopes you in a caress that burns hotter than the African sun.
But at other times, my fingers, my palms, my skin, my touch, every part of me is more electrifying. Heat courses through my veins hot like lava and spills over onto you, bringing warmth and comfort.

The stroke of lu…