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Butterflies flutter butter soft, ever present in his presence.
Thoughts grip tightly onto images of him, my mind playing them over and over and over again as if on repeat....till my head hurts.
And my heart.

Aching heart throbs wildly; longing to be engulfed.
Eyes light up, pupils dilate... and the rest of my body follows; furiously set to smoulder.

He courses through my veins like a veld fire.
Hot as hell, and twice as punishing.
He weakens my knees... and my morals.
Mr Devil-may-care came and turned me on; turning my world on it's head.

It feels as if  I've been asleep since the dawn of time, not knowing. I think I had been waiting for him all along.

For him, my blood boils, fever spreads to limbs and loin. I tingle at the touch of him, lean into his glow, drawn to him like a moth to a flame...

A sudden draft jolts me from my reverie, someone in the office let the cold in.
"Get it together, Natalie!" I chide myself, "like a damned teenager with raging hormones.."

My To Do list stares me down: Tasks for Today demanding attention:
  • 10 boxes left unchecked
  • Urgent bold and in red on white boards. 
My tummy grumbles, "Where did today go?"
My thought turn to food: Vindaloo, hot & spicy, mmmmm.
Eating with our hands, bread, warm and soft lifted to hungry mouths. Melted butter dripping off our fingers. Fingers licked clean, lips and mouth on fire.
Me and him lapping up sauce with Naan (big as bats) smeared with garlic butter, torn to shreds.
Me and him, hunger sated, in a curry coma.
Drunk on feasting.

Drunk on love.
Clothes torn to shreds like Naan.
Hungry for heat & spice.
Fingers licked, lips on fire.
Sated by love.

Daily reminder!
An email flashes onto my screen.
I shake him off, direct my attention to my job at hand, leaving love and longing on hold for a while. I can do this, I smile, all the while shaking my head. I check my emails, send replies off in a flash, make a few calls, take a few photo's, upload pics, update schedule, do coffee (hazelnut & cream) ...Flash Gordon in high heels!

It's him!
"Nat, I was thinking curry for supper tonight!"
"You in the mood for hot & spicy?"
"I can do curry!" I say, "with Naan?"
"We on the same page, darling, pick you up at 5." With a "Luv ya!" he is gone.

Mr Devil-may-care...Caring and sweet!
Tempted, tamed; but never trapped.
My Mr Right.

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