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The rain was pelting down, The Cape of Storms earning it's name, turning the world grey.
Miserable and wet, Tammy was caught  hiding out from the torrent in her car. 5 meters to her front door and she knew she'd be soaked if she made a dash for it. She waited it out, deep in thought, hunger pangs gnawing at her. She shifted about in her seat, stockings clinging to all the wrong places, her hair a mess, mascara running, it looked like tears had ruined her make-up.

She thought of hot soup and crusty bread, sweet tea enjoyed with bread & butter pudding and the long dark night which laid ahead of her.

A light came on in the lounge, and the curtains shifted. She saw a shadow, a rough hand clearing misty windows, and his beautiful face appeared in the small circle, hands held up to peak outside. Then his devilish toothy grin... he was all teeth, his smile broad and welcoming.
He could be such a clown!

Tammy knew he'd come to save her, jumping over puddles, bobbing through trees heavy with raindrops, and making his way to bring her safely inside. His knuckles showing white tapped against the window:
"Anybody home?" he enquired, his voice shivering from the cold.
She rolled down the window to peak out at him holding the umbrella aloft to keep the spray out.
"I'm looking for shelter, kind sir," she said, setting the game in motion.
"Is there place inside for a tired, hungry, lost soul?" She  battered her eyes at him, pouting lips and looking tearful.
"Of course, dear lady, inside I have a roaring fire to warm you, and a hot stew to feed you. Come inside and I'll show you."
Tammy giggled, happy in spite of the hunger and the cold:
"I think it will take more than fire and food to heat me..."
He growled deep in his throat,  yanked the door open, pulled her toward him, his body still exuding warmth. She loved him in the tatty old cable jersey, loved his dark curls, now damp and clinging to his neck, loved his giant hands that knew how to hold her softly... She was swooning when he held her tight and steered her swiftly inside.

She was no longer hungry for food.
She was no longer cold as the heat of passion spread through her like a wildfire.
"Damn, baby, you know how to ruin a girl's appetite."
She looked up at him, slowly backing into the lounge where the roaring fire was providing a light show in the huge mirrored wall.
With each step she peeled away another damp layer, exposing goosebumps for him to trace, on arms, on legs, on shoulders, on thighs...

He stood there in awe, mesmerised, loving the show, unable to move, umbrella dripping water on his boots.
His eyes narrowed, his look became raw with longing.
Tammy was standing in front of the glowing fire in all her glory, the light of the fire making her radiant.

He walked out of his soaking boots, dropping clothes like old habits, till he was standing in front of her, his eyes seeking hers.
"You take my breath away..." he said; it was barely a whisper, his hands reaching up to move the tendrils from her face.
"I want to see all of you."

For a moment Tammy hesitated, she thought of her ruined hair, her ruined make-up, and her body, marked by years and life.
She pushed these thoughts aside, his eyes giving her courage, his touch making thoughts irrelevant.
She stood on her toes, inching closer, "Make me forget my name," she implored, her hands reaching for him.
He groaned, and as always, did exactly what she said.

Outside the rain continued it's downpour washing the earth clean, raindrops making sweet music against the window pane... inside the house a storm of emotions overwhelmed her and with a swoosh, it rippled throughout her body.

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