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Wallace and Wensleydale

What would the world be without cheese?
Less colourful, I guess.
Definitely less flavoursome.
And particularly less gooey.

I'm not fussy when it comes to cheese...give me melted cheese, brie, cheese curls, feta cheese in a greek salad, or gouda on a salticrax... one bite and I'm drooling, literally. It's the soft chewiness, the burst of flavour, the slight saltiness, the creamy goodness that has me rolling it about on my tongue. And when it is melted, all stringing, warm and gooey...omg, playing with my food then, is allowed and demanded. So you can imagine that Pizza is one of my favourite dishes for this very reason. 

Now sharing a Pizza with my loved one, is another story entirely. 
It is the ultimate cheesy, romantic, really-after-2-decades-of-marriage-we-still-doing-this- kinda thing?
It's fun watching him pile all the extra's on top: the flecks of garlic in olive oil, the fresh green chillies (hot & tangy) the tiny curls of Parmesan...fully loaded slices placed …


The rain was pelting down, The Cape of Storms earning it's name, turning the world grey.
Miserable and wet, Tammy was caught  hiding out from the torrent in her car. 5 meters to her front door and she knew she'd be soaked if she made a dash for it. She waited it out, deep in thought, hunger pangs gnawing at her. She shifted about in her seat, stockings clinging to all the wrong places, her hair a mess, mascara running, it looked like tears had ruined her make-up.

She thought of hot soup and crusty bread, sweet tea enjoyed with bread & butter pudding and the long dark night which laid ahead of her.

A light came on in the lounge, and the curtains shifted. She saw a shadow, a rough hand clearing misty windows, and his beautiful face appeared in the small circle, hands held up to peak outside. Then his devilish toothy grin... he was all teeth, his smile broad and welcoming.
He could be such a clown!

Tammy knew he'd come to save her, jumping over puddles, bobbing through tr…


Day 10.

She counted the days.
Counting days made it feel like she had some semblance of control over all this.
Like it was part of a bigger plan, Plan A:
How to get over him in a heartbeat!

10 days is a long time in heartache hell.
His words cut deep this time:
"If you do this again, I will break contact indefinitely," he was cold as ice, and twice as hard.
The threat grated her.
She fired back: "Screw you, nobody talks to me like that!"
She was all the more livid because it seemed easier for him to walk away.

Emma felt restless.
She used to love Sundays, now she hated it. It was too quiet, her mind went super-noisy when the world was at peace. The bed felt cold, it was too big for her solitary figure, she tried changing from her side of the bed to the middle, but it felt strange.
She punched at the pillows: "For heaven sake, Emma, why 6?"
It felt good punching them, they felt lumpy under her tiny fists.
She lined them up next to her, turned and snuggled…


Confessions of a wallflower

Susan felt less than sexy considering why she was there.

The 2 hour drive from Cape Town to Hermanus in the sweltering heat was rather unpleasant, despite the majestic view.The air con of her old Mini gave in just passed Gordon's Bay and she was forced to open all the windows, the cool air playing havoc with her hair.

"Damn! R700 forked out at the hairdressers," she huffed looking at herself in the rear view mirror. She wanted this weekend to be special and had spent a small fortune getting ready for it: New lingerie: R800, perfume: R600, stiletto's: R400, LBD: R900... The list went on. She shuddered thinking how her teacher's salary would take a beating for the next couple of months to make up for this devilish dalliance.

"I've lost my mind..."
The thought trailed off, lingering while she took bends and turns that scared her a little on her way to paradise. 
She parked a ways off from the entrance, checked her make up i…