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Off the grid!
Off the clock!
Off the beaten track!

Something's coming over me, I can't sit still, itching to be outta here.
At the edge of my seat, rocking it like it will take off if I move fast enough, press down hard enough.

Fingers stroking keyboard daily will have to find something better to do. I close my eyes, dreaming of  paradise: hmmm counting down...touch warm sand, ripple hands over cool waters....
Holiday-me is so much more fun.

I shake my hair loose from the bands that keep plaits in place, curls flowing freely now; kick off heels, wriggling toes in anticipation of gentle foot rubs and playful tickles.
Ah, the games we play when work is banished from our minds.

Quiet here now in silent offices where my days play out.
I like this.

I feel the light inside me coming on, can feel the glow.
I dream of hours spent on the beach under a huge brimmed sunhat reading great stories.
I dream of feasting on exotic fruits and enjoying cocktails with naughty names.
I dream of warm sunny days and even hotter nights spent in the company of love.

I look at the clock, it's almost 4pm.
Check my emails: a reminder from teambox that all deadlines have been met (nice work, team!)
I struggle to disengage, going over checklists one more time: Done! Done! Done!
It feels strange, I should be better at me-time.

I see him standing in my doorway, see that look in his eyes that says: "Let's blow this place."
I just know this week's gonna be awesome:
Blow my mind.
Blow my budget.
And like the wind I'm off to wander the world.

Logged off, systems down, heading out...

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Everywhere, but up.
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