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there is no better place

There is no better place than HERE.
No better time than NOW.

But today, here and now, feels pretty strange.
It's Monday:
Monday's are renowned for being blue and just a touch manic (if you're lucky).Mondays aren't meant to be slow and lazy.
It doesn't bode well for the rest of my work week if I start it on slow.

But I'm playing hookie!
It takes a while for me to adjust my pace...and my mindset.
I snuggle down, bury my head under white linens, giving Magic Monday a chance.The continuous drone of the washing machine is like a lullaby, rocking me to sleep again. I stretch lazy like a cat; rubbing tired eyes. Sleep seems like a sin when the world is at work.

I stretch again, lazier still, arch my back; my body finding cold spots. I draw my legs in seeking warmth. I wish he had stayed here with me...

I hear the front door open, cock my head listening to the approaching footsteps;  careful footsteps so as not to disturb the sleeping. I smile, glad he has returned to find me under the covers. My eyes open to slits: "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with S..."
I know exactly what I want to happen next.

The best things happen in the morning: Sunrises, breakfasts & morning surprises, unexpected pleasures in the early hours before the tedium of the day has set in. I do my best loving when I'm lazy, and I'm laziest on hot summer days when the temperature scorches the Cape.

"It's hot today," he says, "too hot to be under the covers."
He pulls the duvet back with a flick of his wrist.
Lying on my back with my knees raised, I struggle to sit upright, a grin spreading across my face.
"Oops! Brown like toast, and just as hot," he says in a playful mood.
I can't help myself, his mood is infectious.
I gesture for him to come closer, on my knees now, I lean forward and whisper in his ear: "Play me?"
I hear the groan deep in his throat.

Kissing my Valentino on a Monday, it doesn't get better than this.
Right here, right now, everything in the universe is aligned and the day is set to THRILL!

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