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there is no better place

There is no better place than HERE.
No better time than NOW.

But today, here and now, feels pretty strange.
It's Monday:
Monday's are renowned for being blue and just a touch manic (if you're lucky).Mondays aren't meant to be slow and lazy.
It doesn't bode well for the rest of my work week if I start it on slow.

But I'm playing hookie!
It takes a while for me to adjust my pace...and my mindset.
I snuggle down, bury my head under white linens, giving Magic Monday a chance.The continuous drone of the washing machine is like a lullaby, rocking me to sleep again. I stretch lazy like a cat; rubbing tired eyes. Sleep seems like a sin when the world is at work.

I stretch again, lazier still, arch my back; my body finding cold spots. I draw my legs in seeking warmth. I wish he had stayed here with me...

I hear the front door open, cock my head listening to the approaching footsteps;  careful footsteps so as not to disturb the …


I spoke about death.
And in speaking about it, I think, I invited it in.
It hit close to home this time having steered clear of me for a while, granting me time to heal since it ripped father, mother, newborn, friend, in quick succession, in a brutal onslaught that I took very personally.

We became well-acquainted he and I.  I witnessed his handiwork firsthand and was pissed off. We had a serious chat, a chat which ended in the words, "Enough, jeez!" a few years back.

Now he is back, too close for comfort, making his return while I was distracted by work, commitments, fun, love, life...

But I'm over it, instead, celebrating Life. In the words of Bon Jovi

"It's my life It's now or never I ain't gonna live forever I just want to live while I'm alive..."

I value living, appreciate life and love, and I live each day like there is no tomorrow. I am quite deliberate in this, making the most of time, it be…