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Blonde Ambition

I have really dark hair, and a matching disposition.

In pursuit of fun & frivolity this festive season, I turned to the old saying "Blondes have more Fun" out of pure laziness and due to a lack of time. To inject some spark and sass into my short vacation, I chose an easy out,   a not so-cheap solution as it would turn out (the trip to the hair salon set me back a pretty penny)
I changed my outward appearance hoping that a domino effect would ensue: fingers and toes crossed, I made a wish that my blonde highlights would lead to a more cheerful and carefree disposition resulting in an enormous amount of fun!

I reasoned, if Charles Darwin considered utilizing of his time time to examine whether hair colour affected the ability of a woman to find a mate, according to an article at the following link, my little experiment wasn't such a ridiculous proposition in …


5+ Decades
1000's miles, smiles, laughter and tears.
Life's journey!
What a ride...

Star date: 22 January 2014
Personal Log...

I stand alone in the bedroom thick with the lingering scent of love and passion spent.
I stand newly showered, but barely awake; the full length mirror offering me a hazy view and I am struck by an open, unapologetic gaze:
Pale eyes partnered with bright red lips to draw my eyes down, away from the windows to my soul.

Mirror, mirror...

tell me lies
hide the pain
behind goodbyes

mirror mirror
be unclear
mask the truth
hide the fear

mirror mirror
not cracked nor broken
Bad luck still
when hearts are broken...

Truth, brutal and unbending  revealed to me in a glimpse, seeking me out where I'm standing in high heels in my birthday suit .
Soft lights deliberately dimmed, barely there to conceal in shadows: back arched, shoulders square, hips curved.

I take me in.
Curious eyes are looking over shoulders that have borne burdens too many …

Battle cry

Like a tree that bends and bows, but never breaks, she stood in the full onslaught of life, and drew a line in the sand.

Battle gear on, her armour polished to a blinding shine, she stood her ground, her war cry loud enough to summon angels, and raw enough to strike fear at the core of demons.

She went into hiding for a while, flying under the radar, far off the grid, to lick wounds that cut deep and left it's mark,  forever changing her.

She licked her wounds in quiet places, safe places where faces were familiar and warm, where no questions were asked, or explanations were required. She took everything in as she went about her business: the warm knowing smiles that spoke volumes, the casual hugs given in busy corridors, the whispered encouragements, innocent words with loaded meaning.

Promises unspoken, but understood: "I'm here!"

And with her army behind her, she stepped forward and screamed in the face of adversity" "I am here, and I not alone!"


New Next Nirvana

I wake from a deep sleep.

2012 slipped quietly into history while I was sleeping.
January 1 already making it's mark on the world, flashing on phones, making 2013 official.
Like I wanted it:  Progression from one year to the next seamless; time a constant, determined in it's march forward.

Fully awake now, I disengage limbs and move to find a cold spot on warm white sheets. I wriggle making myself cosy and purr like a cat. Arm stretch out looking & finding fire, making the connection. I need to feel him when I sleep, his warmth envelopes me making any bed home.

Fully awake now I stumble to the bathroom. Lights flash on, blinding me. I look at myself in the mirror, no longer afraid. Curious eyes, puffy from deep sleep. I've done the work and what I see is a brand new me, still old, but upgraded: Nariman 2.0. 

In the words of the inimitable Alicia Keys:

" I'll never be perfect, but at least now i'm brave
Now, my heart is open And I can finally breathe