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A wise woman once said

Be careful of guys who make frequent use of ellipsis....

How can a form of punctuation be so maddening?All it is is a series of dots that usually indicate an intentional omission of a word, sentence or whole section from the original text being quoted.

But it is genius that this series of dots, so unassuming by its very nature, can be wielded with much finesse by a cad. The danger is when it is used to indicate an unfinished thought or a trailing off into silence(Oh, the possibilities!)When placed at the beginning or end of a sentence, the ellipsis can also inspire a feeling of melancholy or longing(sigh!)

And to someone with an overactive imagination and high sense of drama, this opens up a world of trouble. 

Personally I have a love/hate relationship with ellipsis, it can be wielded to good effect, because it can be so emotionally loaded by it's very use.

But in the hands of a commitment-phobe, it is a license to weave in and out of other people's lives.

This is where th…


If you were to look inside your cupboard right now, 10-to-1, you'll find a hoodie in there somewhere, no matter what your age.

And the best hoodie of all? That is definitely the one you claimed from someone else. This is particularly true  for me. At 46 I own an impressive amount of  hoodies, each and every one "borrowed" from someone close to me. The hoodie in itself represents the close bond I share with it's the original owner.It offers me warmth, it cocoons me and offers me protection on my bad hair days, or when I'm undercover (don't ask!)

The accessible hood offers instant anonymity and immediately creates a sense of mystery and "danger" to the wearer. It is this instant anonymity that is particularly appealing to teenagers and others who are, lets say, up to mischief.

The hoodie has an interesting history. 
According to Wikipedia this unassuming, popular item of clothing has been adopted by a va…


Cupid has finally gotten off his backside & is doing his job, he has been slacking off for too long lately. I know he is very chubby & that arrow cannot be easy to lug around, but still, if you have a job to do, you should just get on with it.

Things are definitely starting to look up, Spring is in the air & love is not far behind.

I see it all around me...

Damn, now that song by Wet Wet Wet is stuck in my head, you know the one:

Sing it with me if you feel the  Love...

You know I love you, I always will, 
My mind's made up by the 
Way that I feel 
There's no beginning, 
There'll be no end 
'cause on my love you can depend 

Got to keep it moving 

Oh It's written in the wind ...

I am (unashamedly) a fool for love: I love cheesy sentiment & believe in "Happily ever after".

I do believe a toast is in order:
Here's to LOVE... the good kind, that leaves you breathless & wanting more.
Here's to LOVERS who have the courage to take the leap &…